[dtpod010] Narcotic 303 – Hall of Dub Compilation Vol. 1 Mix


Title: Hall of Dub Compilation Vol. 1 Mix
Mixed by: Narcotic 303
Catalog#: DTPod010
Style: Dub Techno
Length: 75:19 min
Image by: Deeptakt Records / Markus Wilwerscheid

01. Emtex – Psychadelicatessen (Hardware Live Record)
02. Upwellings – Deepah
03. Bjorn Rohde – Milestone
04. Esko Barba – Rootikalism
05. Zzzzra – Un pas avant l’autre
06. Lars Leonhard – DüsselDub
07. Alessandro Crimi – Photosynthese
08. Basicnoise – Structures
09. Fabian Schinzel – Aequorea
10. Narcotic 303 – Sound of Cologne
11. Matthias Springer – Squelched Perspective
12. Stefan Gubatz – Carmen Sandiego
13. Martin Nonstatic – The Arch of Dub

©2014 Deeptakt Records

Compiled by Alexander Senge – www.deeptakt.net
Mastering by Soup Mastering – www.deeptakt.net
Artwork by Markus W...

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Hall of Dub Compilation Vol. 1



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- [dtdigi007] deleted -

Hello Dublovers,

unfortunately I have to tell you that the last release, dtdigi007 by Volunteer, is taken offline. Due to a copyright infringement of the EP title. We were able to agree peacefully with the author. But do not worry, after the EP was taken out from all the shops, there will be a re-release with a different name. Unfortunately, this is again a classic example of how outdated is our copyright. All because four words.

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Official “Hall of Dub” T-Shirts

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You can buy the T-shirts with the logo on the front, or on the back.

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[dtdigi006] Alexander Dahlmann – Matter Waves


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[DTPod009] Duchess of Dub – Deep is in my mind


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Hall of Dub Vol. 1 coming soon…


Deeptakt Records is proud to present the teaser for the upcoming compilation.
The compilation will released exclusive on Bandcamp.

Stay tuned!!!


More information coming soon.

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[DTPOD008] Andrey Pushkarev – Lorgnette


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[dtdigi005] Niccolo Machiavelli – Graphite


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[DTPod007] Basicnoise – Hydronaut


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