Deeptakt Records is a label for deep music with the focus on Dub Techno. Deeptakt was founded by Alexander Senge (Narcotic 303).

Gleichtakt Records was founded as Netaudio label by Alexander Senge on August 17. 2009. With the Motto „music are feelings, don’t pay for feelings“ our artists presented you their music. When the sub-label Deeptakt Records was founded in 2013, Gleichtakt Records disappeared into the background, until the work on Gleichtakt Records stopped altogether. Now, 6 years later, it was reborn as a commercial sublabel by Deeptakt Records.

The genre of Gleichtakt Records is 100% pure techno. In addition to the multifaceted techno podcast, Gleichtakt Records will represent with its EPs a straight line of the techno genre. The sound should make you feel the first time you enter an underground techno club.