[dtdigi002] XEED – Obscure – Reduction

Title: Obscure reduction
Mixed by: XEED (Switzerland / www.djxeed.ch)
Catalog#: DTPod002
Style: Dub Techno
Length: 81:10 min
Release: 24.05.2013
Image by: Alex Senge


01 Deadbeat – Jaffa Dub
02 Unknown – Knowone 12 A
03 Unknown – Knowone 10 A
04 Echo Inspectors – Lunar Shadows
05 Unknown – Knowone 02 A
06 Quantec – Nabu
07 Van Bonn – Gradient (CPH Dub)
08 Deepchord – DC11 A1
09 Deepchord – DC12 A1
10 Atheus – Hypno Chamber
11 Hydergine – Ethereal Being
12 Mr. Cloudy – Einklang
13 Stefan Gubatz – Offshore (Rework)




About XEED:


fabian schinzel (“XEED”) was born in 1987 in the lovely zurich highlands in switzerland.
already at the tender age of 6 he had his initial contact with electronic dance music, after which he eagerly sampled the few then existing radio and tv stations that broadcasted that kind of music, and recorded many hours into an impressive tape collection, which was soon augmented by more and more cds as they became available. nowadays, thanks to the internet, getting his daily dose of new techno became much easier.

the turn of the millenium also set a new personal milestone for XEED: he got his first proper mixer, and starting out with 2 portable cd players he made his first experiences as a dj. even though the equipment was simple initially, he worked hard at creating smooth flowing and authentic sets, training his ears for matching rhythm and melody, thereby building the foundation for his current skills for beat matching and set structuring.

with the acquisition of turntables at the end of 2002 things started to accelerate into the right direction. starting out with trance, XEED worked with several different musical styles, building up an impressive collection of about a thousand vinyl records. today, he primarily favors music with a deep and dubby groove.
2004 XEED went from being a bedroom dj to perform in front of small and big crowds. With his always carefully updated record case, he ensures the audience a good time, who appreciate his rhythmic and dynamic tunes, fluently arranged into vivid sets. openairs in the woods or in the fields, parties in bunkers, cellars, bars or clubs, XEED always emphasizes quality and depth.
since 2007, XEED has also taken an interest into the fascinating world of music production. have a look at some samples ready to download at his homepage.
XEED – ..a never ending story