[DTDIGI012] Graynoise – Europa

„Europa“ (dtdigi012) marks Graynoise’s second release on Deeptakt Records.

Graynoise has already shown his outstanding dub techno skills with his first release „Io“ (dtdigi004).
Now he is back with more great music in his signature style.

He is accompanied by none other then Aura Fresh (Chord Plaza, Biorecordings) and BDTom (Plastic City FX).

“Europa” represents the style and heart of Deeptakt at its best and delivers on wonderful echo-scapes, intriguing beats and arrangements as well as straightforward dub techno elements and atmospheres.

Expect to experience the full variety of dark, noisy, straight, clean and echoing soundscapes we love so much at Deeptakt Records!

1| Europa
2| Europa II
3| Europa III
4| Europa (Aura Fresh Remix)
5| Europa (BDTom Remix)



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