[DTLP002] Float & Rütz – Mind The Machines

Deeptakt Records is proud to present the second CD release, which is a debut album by Vladimir Mihajlovic and Christian Rütz aka Float & Rütz.

After the guys met in 2012 completely by accident, they instantly discovered the mutual affection they share towards the deep sounds of dub and techno music.
From 2013 and onwards they started meeting up for recordings sessions a few times per year in both Copenhagen and Belgrade.
Their ethos is to do everything together in person, without sending stems via internet, and more than 1600 km of distance was not exactly a helpful fact.
But with each new session the workflow became ever more natural and effortless, and the album started slowly coming together.

By using nothing but analog synthesizers and effects as sound sources, Float & Rutz tried to achieve the raw and organic deep and dubby techno sound they both fell in love with. This album is like a tale of two cities, a unification of north and south, it containts field recordings recorded in both cities and
on the road between them, and that very fact gives the whole album a very special and personal storytelling feel to it.

Across the 11 tracks featured on „Mind The Machines“ Float & Rütz will take you on a beautiful journey through realms of deep dub techno music, and you are welcome to dance, meditate and get lost along the way…

01 • Float & Rütz – Decay
02 • Float & Rütz – Flight 4209
03 • Float & Rütz – Elsewhere
04 • Float & Rütz – Dive In
05 • Float & Rütz – 201 Dub
06 • Float & Rütz – 522 Dub
07 • Float & Rütz – Echo Channel
08 • Float & Rütz – Over the Lake
09 • Float & Rütz – Sansui
10 • Float & Rütz – Moving Onwards
11 • Float & Rütz – Mind the Machines